Looking For A Comfortable Night And Energetic Day Ahead?

Simple Tips to Get Good Sleeping Posture 

The right mattress and pillows or sleeping aids should use for back support. It is the best way to keep off the lower back pain that can take a toll on your day to day living. But getting the right sleep equipment does not equal to anything much if you are unable to achieve proper sleeping posture. Luckily it is not hard to make the best position for a relaxed night and an energetic morning; you only need a few pointers to guide into the right direction a far as good sleeping posture is concerned.

Good Sleeping Posture

Aligning your hips, shoulders and ears

These are the areas of focus when it comes to sleeping. When you focus on them, then you can align the body in such a way that you prevent the risks of back pain after waking up. No specific position can be termed as the best because people have different preferences when it comes to positions. However when you know how to maintain proper alignment of parts that matter most you will manage to rejuvenate wholly during sleeping. Here are a few tips to align your ears, shoulders, and hips using pillows for good sleeping posture to avoid arched back during sleep.

Tip 1 – If you are a back sleeper, take a pillow and stick it under the knees. You can also use a small rolled towel beneath the small part of your back for proper alignment.

Tip 2 – Stomach sleepers should eliminate pillows or use flat ones to keep neck strains at bay. If you must, then try sticking a flat pillow under the abdomen or the hips so that it can reduce the strain on your lower back.

Tip 3 – Side sleepers can achieve proper alignment of the focus areas by placing a pillow between the knees and then drawing them slightly towards the chest for good sleeping posture.

Tip 4 – Place pillows in gap areas between the mattress and body as you deem necessary for added support to reduce pains and aches. The more comfortable you are, the better you will sleep and help your body reenergize and heal.

Maintaining alignment when rolling over

Besides sleeping in the right posture, you also need to make sure that you continue the same when rolling over or getting up otherwise you still risk damaging your back with the wrong turn.  Twisting or wrenching the back when waking up be just as back but a few simple steps can ensure that you get it right every time you head to the bathroom or is time to wake up.

Step 1 – Bend the knees and rest your feet flat on your bed

Step 2 – Roll the body to one side moving the trunk as a unit to avoid twisting

Step 3 – Push yourself to seated position using both hands without twisting the spine and bend forward from hips keeping the back straight as you push feet down on the floor

Step 4 – Straighten the legs together as you stand.