The Best Co Sleeper to Keep Your Baby Close But Safe

Babies bring lots of joy, but they can be a little delicate, especially in their first months of life. Whereas there are parents who have no problems having their newborns sleeping in separate rooms or nursery, others would rather have them close by so they can quickly attend to their needs and keep an eye on them. Having a different baby crib or best co sleeper in your rooms is more satisfying since you can easily access them, but it is even better if your baby is nearby so that you can touch and see them.

However, sharing your bed with your baby is not advisable. It is because there is always a risk of you rolling over during sleep and probably hurting the baby in one way or another. Your blankets or duvets and pillows also increase chances of suffocation for the baby, and with sudden infant deaths being rampant, it is best to stay safe than risk. A co-sleeper is designed to offer you the comfort and convenience of having your baby nearest to you without necessarily putting their life in harms’ way.

Co-sleeper options

Bed sharing Co-sleeper

Best Co-sleeper

This kind of co-sleeper makes it possible for you to share your bed with your child but eliminate chances of you rolling onto the baby. The sleepers will usually allow baby to enjoy their space using the raised side that keeps you in your space. The sleepers under this category can frame, so they have a fixed frame support area that makes you uncomfortable in case you roll into it.

The discomfort alerts you that you are getting too close to the baby and you can adjust. Apart from being framed the sleepers can also be contoured, so they look like large pillows contouring around the baby. It is the raised edges that will keep the baby safe while in your bed and still offer you a comfortable time tending to the baby’s needs.

Side sleeper

best co sleeperThis kind of Co-sleeper allowed your baby to be in a separate area but attached to your bed so accessing them is easy. It is a much better type of Co-sleeper considering it also eliminates overheating chances that come with the other bed sharing option.

Most side sleepers are three-sided, so they look like a regular crib or bassinet with a missing side that you attach to your mattress or bed. The attachment is done in, such a way by reducing the gaps between your mattress and that so the sleeper is secured. Some are regular cribs with four sides but with one side designed to be lowered all the way so you can do the attachment. Such a sleeper saves you from having to buy another crib once Co-sleeping needs are over because you roll up the lowered side.

Flexible standalone bassinets also fall into the side sleeper category. Unlike regular bassinets that would require you to sit up to attend to the baby, these Co-sleeping bassinets come with flexible sides making it easy for you to access the baby but maintaining safe barrier during sleep.

Top 5 best Co sleeper Reviews

1. CubbyCove Lounger

It is a multifunctional baby sleeper that can also use it as a baby nest for your baby. With this infant lounger, you can have the baby with you wherever you are around the house. It functions as a co-sleeper, lounger, and baby nest and also serves very well for tummy time. The side bumpers function as bed rails for your little one remains safe, whether playing, sleeping, napping or enjoying a tummy time to strengthen up. It is sturdy and portable so you can pack it up in the tote bag included when it is time to travel. It is sizeable, so your baby can use it for several months before requiring a crib.

The CubbyCove infant lounger makes with quality and breathable materials for baby’s safety. The fabrics are durable and easy to wash too; you can separate this lounger for an easy washing time, so it remains clean and hygienic. It also features a removable canopy that you can use and remove as per the baby’s needs. It is also worth mentioning that it is tested and certified according to CPSC standards for safety and quality. It is one of the best co sleeper you can choose for baby.

The Pros

  • It makes highly breathable, anti-bacterial and permeable fabrics
  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals
  • It is multifunctional, so you get a lounger, co-sleeper and a baby nest suitable even for tummy time
  • It is portable hence ideal for traveling; comes with a travel bag
  • It is durable and effortless to wash

The Cons

  • This co-sleeper bassinet is a little heavy even though portable
  • Baby will quickly outgrow it

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2. DockATot Dock

It is a baby dock that will serve the needs of your baby from the time they are nine months to about three years of age. It makes one of the best choices for lounging, playing and resting for your baby. If you are looking for a unit that gives you an easy time making co-sleeper or crib to bed transition for your baby, then this is the system you should get. DockATot Grand come with air permeable bumpers that built-in acting as side rails, so your baby enjoys snug security as they get used to their bigger bed. It also serves as a safe co-sleeper for parents. This unit comes with a unique shape, side positioning and cushioning to reduce the chances of your baby waking up even when they get started reflex, especially between the first months up to around six months of age. It is also designed lightweight and portable so you can have your baby resting comfortably and safety wherever you go.

The soft thermo-bonded fibers used on this sleeper relive pressure on the baby’s head, thus significantly reducing flat head syndrome risks. The bumpers are also designed to offer support and serve as positioning prop so you can change resting position for your baby comfortably. The fabrics are hypoallergenic, washable and breathable, so you do not have to worry about the health of your baby during use.

The Pros

  • It is portable and lightweight
  • It functions as a sleeper and lounger for baby
  • Suitable for both co-sleeping and crib to bed transition
  • It is breathable, washable and hypoallergenic
  • It is durable

The Cons

  • It is expensive

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3. Sleep N’ Feed

This unit is designed to serve different baby needs. It does not only function as a co-sleeper, but also a nursing pillow, baby lounger, portable bassinet system and a baby nesting system too. It is an all in one type of sleeper that is secure for baby in every sense making it one of the best co sleepers available. The advanced Dintex fabric used to make the unit is anti-microbial, breathable and waterproof and it also manages to regulate temperatures, so your baby remains comfortable no matter the conditions. The Velcro featured in the unit is industrial grade so you can assure that your baby is secured and safe at all times during use.

The sides of the sleeper designs in such a way that they fold up offering mothers the support they need when feeding their babies. The design also allows for different feeding positions. It comes with backpack straps so you can carry it hands-free to have a handy travel bassinet whenever you need it. This product makes several parts which include the base, newborn insert, four exterior pillows, the backpack straps, pocket and cover together working to serve your needs as well as those of the baby. You can manipulate the parts as needed to find the most suitable positions, whether feeding the baby or just resting and sleeping.

The Pros

  • It makes with quality breathable fabrics.
  • The sleeper is multifunctional and versatile to serve different needs.
  • It is portable; can be carried hands-free thanks to the backpack straps
  • It is safe and durable

The Cons

  • It is not for long-term use; serves baby only up to a year
  • Too many parts can complicate for some

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4. Arm’s Reach Bedside Bassinet

This bedside bassinet can be set up in co-sleeping mode so you can have your little one next to you. It also serves as a portable bassinet and playground so you can secure your baby at any given time thanks to the different partitions. The sidebar can be adjusted up and down to achieve a height that suits your bed when using as a co-sleeper and you will also have an easy time eve changing your baby’s diaper on this bassinet. It designs with portability in mind, so you can convert it into a small or medium backpack size to carry it with you wherever. With the portable body setup, you can now travel and not worry about the comfort of your baby.

The Pros

  • This unit is a 3 in 1 system serving your baby needs better
  • It comes with enough ventilation and is breathable
  • It features portable body set up for easy carrying
  • It is very comfortable and safe for baby

The Cons

  • It lacks inbuilt net for mosquito bite protection
  • It can be challenging to set up

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5. Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper

If beauty is what you are looking for, then this is the best co sleeper for you. You will love the wooden ends which carve beautifully and the lining that is attractively patterned. It is indeed a bedside bassinet that will add character to your space wherever you choose to use it. But apart from beauty, this unit is also designed to be functional in serving your baby sleeping needs. You can now have your baby comfortable and safely next to you with easy access when it is time to bond or comfort them thanks to the innovative design that also eases breastfeeding. It is a sizeable system, but very easy to assemble and you will also love the convenient storage space underneath it. The Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria sleeper is very suitable even for mothers who are recovering from C-section as it eliminates the strain of sleeping with the baby and having to sit up to access and attend to the baby.

The Pros

  • It is very safe and comfortable
  • The bassinet comes with adjustable height for average bed so attaching it easy
  • It features caster wheels so you can easily move it from one place to the other according to your needs
  • It comes with storage space underneath for convenience
  • It can be adjusted to serve as the traditional bassinet when co-sleeping is not needed

The Cons

  • The storage space is not sturdy enough for heavy items
  • It is only suitable for infants up to 5 months

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The Conclusion

So many co-sleepers are available on the market. To get the best co sleeper, you need to consider size, comfort, safety, type, versatility, features and ease of cleaning. The above are some of the best units you can consider, but you can compare to find what suits your needs and that of the baby perfectly.